Welcome to Shoofly Farm
Established in 1997, Shoofly Farm is a small sheep farm
where I train Border Collies and raise various breeds of sheep.

I trial my dogs in USBCHA sheepdog trials all over the U.S. and Canada.

I offer lessons and training at the farm and am available for clinics and judging trials.
We usually have one or two USBCHA sanctioned trials at the farm every year,
as well as occasional clinics with guest clinicians, and fun days.
Contact me at RobinFrench@handlerspost.com for more information.

I am also owner/administrator for the popular sheepdog website HandlersPost.com





Imported in October 2015 from Ireland,
Spot was trained and run by Seamus Gallagher.
He was 4th in 2014 Irish National and represented Ireland at the 2014 International Supreme.
In 2013, he was 8th on day 1 of the Irish National. Here in the US, Spot has had immediate success on the trial field, placing in nearly every trial he has run in, including the large and prestigious 2016 Bluegrass Classic, the Kingston/Grass Creek trials, and Edgeworth. As of 12/1/2016, he is ranked 11th in the country in USBCHA points for the 2016/2017 season.

Spot (formerly known as Spot2 as I had another Spot when he arrived here) is a very biddable, clever dog with no tension. He is sensible and an all around nice dog with no big faults in his work. He does not have a lot of eye and is a dog with a lot of scope to his work. He's good both at hand and out in the big fields, and is an excellent shedding/penning dog.

Spot has been DNA tested normal for CEA, IGS, TNS, DM, MDR1 and DM.
He sired a litter in Ireland that has turned out very well (I like Spot so well I imported one of those pups! See Zebo below). He sired three litters here in the US in 2016 off of 3 very different types of bitches. Those pups are starting to work now and all seem very sensible and natural, with a nice natural cast.

Contact me if you are interested in a pup or breeding to Spot.

Brucellosis test will be required.

<< 12/01/2016: Upcoming litters off Spot will be listed on HandlersPost.com
Go to http://www.handlerspost.com/classifieds.html
for details. >>





(Pedigree to come, but he is older full brother to Bernie)


Introducing Cain, the newest member of the Shoofly team.
Imported in September 2016 from Ireland,
Cain was trained and run by Michael Gallagher, both here in the US as well as in the UK. Cain has been successful on every type of sheep and field, both east and west in the US and Canada (2014 Canadian Champion as well as winning the Kingston SDT), and in the UK. (list of accomplishments to come)

Cain is a very biddable quick dog with a lot of range and natural good flanks and outrun. He does not have a lot of eye and is a dog with a lot of scope to his work. He's good both at hand and out in the big fields, and is an excellent shedding dog. After only 4 short weeks with me, he started his new trial career and quickly began doing very well, finishing his 2016 trials with an Open win and enough points to qualify for the 2017 National Finals.

He is a carrier for CEA and IGS so is only available to bitches DNA tested as clear/normal.
Cain has sired two litters, one in the US and one in Ireland. His pups look to be talented with a lot of potential. Contact me if you are interested in a pup or breeding to Cain.





Introducing Zebo, imported in May 2016 from Ireland as a started dog. He is a son of Spot by a bitch named Roxy, who is a daughter of Robert Ellis' Mirk (Reserve Champion 2012 International Supreme).

Zebo was started in Ireland by Michael Gallagher, and has continued his training here with me. He began his trial career in September 2016 and showed improvement each time out, finishing the year with a win in a large PN class at the FrontRunner SDT. I expect him to really grow in 2017 as he matures and gains experience.

Zebo is a biddable dog and a great "team player". Blessed with his father's naturally good outrun, he is also a sharp flanking dog with good shape and feel for the sheep. He is a good driving dog as well, very direct and with a lot of push and power. He is a very athletic dog, strong bodied with good stamina.

Zebo has not been DNA tested yet (planned, but not done yet, at worst a CEA carrier since his father is clear) but would be available for breeding.

Cap x Flo



I was fortunate to have to opportunity to buy this exciting young dog in August of 2015.
Off of Michael Gallagher's Supreme champion Cap by his very successful Flo, Bernie is a very talented dog that will be fun to train up and run. He has a natural outrun and beautiful natural flanks, and is quick and biddable, with a lot of feel and push and line.

Sidelined by shoulder injury for six months early in 2016, Bernie is now back in training and looking to be quite special. He began his trial career in the fall of 2016 and showed growth and improvement with each run, and was placing at the end of the year. Bernie is a fun, exciting dog to work and I really look forward to seeing him develop. He may be the most fun dog I've ever trained and worked. He has a bright future ahead.




(Bill at 4 months old with a cranky lamb)

Placements in multiple USBCHA Open trials.
2014 Bluegrass Classic Top 20 Double Lift Qualifier
2013 USBCHA National Finals: 6th place in first round of 150 dogs, 24th place in semifinals.
2013 Bluegrass Classic Top 20 Double Lift Qualifier
2012 Slash J Double Lift Reserve Champion
2011 USBCHA National Finals: 21st place in first round of 150 dogs.
2010 USBCHA National Finals: 2nd place in the first round of 150 dogs,
13th place in the semifinals and
8th place in the Double Lift Finals at the 2010 USBCHA National Finals
(Bill's first Finals, 3 year old Nursery dog).

Video of Bill's semifinal run at 2010 USBCHA National Finals

Retired now from sheepdog trials and breeding. Bill has always been a very even dog, good at most everything he's asked to do and on any type of sheep. He is very steady and puts sheep at ease, but has power for any challenge - the cool, confident kind of power. Blessed with a natural outrun, he has done very well in both eastern and western sheepdog trials, and was excelling at a very early age. He is enjoying retirement, doing occasional odd jobs around the farmand holding down the couch.

Bill x Rhyme



Spot is now owned by Kelly Morrow in Toronto, Canada. Look for this team on the trial field in 2017!

Spot is a consistently good Open trial dog as well as a very useful and steady chore/farm dog. He began running in the Open class at just over 2 years of age, in July 2014. During the 2014 fall trial season, he managed two wins on large courses, at the Front Runner SDT and the Edgeworth Winter SDT. He is a powerful but steady dog, very biddable, direct and precise.

(now owned by
Nancy Liptak)

Placements in multiple USBCHA Open trials.
2013 USBCHA Natl Finals: 34th place in the first round of 150 dogs, 21st place in the semifinals.
2010 USBCHA National Finals: 4th place in the first round of 150 dogs.
Reserve Champion of the 2010 Kingston SDT Double Lift Finals.
1st place at 2012 Slash J SDT.

Video of Zac's semifinal run at the 2010 USBCHA National Finals

(Now owned by
Sandy and Danny Payne)


Birthdate 01/09/2011

Joe is a son of Zac, out Rhyme who is a grand daughter of my old Ben (see below).
Rhyme's dam is a littermate to Jet.


The rest of the pack that have run on ahead...


Birthdate 10/06/1999



Placements in multiple USBCHA Open trials.

After retiring from my trial team, Gael went on to a very happy life being a spoiled pet with Mary Ann and Steve Thomas in NC. She ruled the roost for several years and passed away March 29, 2013. I'll always miss my "Gaelie" but she had the best of homes and all the love she could ask for.


Birthdate 04/07/2001



Placements in multiple USBCHA Open trials, including the Bluegrass Classic SDT and Edgeworth Open SDT. Jet retired from my team in 2010 and spent the last 3 years of her life with Kathy and Steve Flynn in MN. She passed away February 20, 2013.


Birthdate 11/14/1997



Winner of multiple USBCHA Open trials, Spottie retired from my Open team in 2008 and lived the last years of her life with Kelly Jerman in NC, helping with her small sheep flock. She passed away January 2012.

BelJac Ben

Birthdate 02/19/1996




Ben passed away in the summer of 2008. After retirement from sheepdog trials, Ben moved to Kid Hollow Farm outside of Charlottesville, VA with Pat and Steve Harder.  It was a match made in heaven.  Ben was in charge of a large flock of Angora goats and helped daily with all the farm chores, as well as maintaining a nice warm spot in the Harder's bed.  He went to work with Steve every day and was happy and very well loved.


Birthdate 06/15/1993


Belle passed away 10/07/2007 at 14 years of age. There will never, ever be another Belle. What a tremendous presence, for so long. I miss her every day. She could always, always make me laugh.


Birthdate 08/02/1992



Bailey left us 09/10/2006 at 14 years of age

Bailey was the dog who got me into all of this border collie and sheep stuff and was ultimately responsible for it all. A wonderful, quiet companion with a peaceful presense, she was a lovely introduction into a new phase of life.  

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